2-Rollen Shear Forming Machines










- Agricultural engineering | Automotive

- Apparatus and plant engineering | Tank construction and tank ends

- Chemical | Energy and environmental technology

- Aerospace | Engineering | Wheels

- Environmental engineering | Defense Technology


Final Products

- Wheel / Rim

- Wheel discs

- Precision cones and funnels:

  Agriculture, Chemical, Engineering

  Defense Technology

- Precision parts for medical technology     

- Titanium hemisphere for rocket drives

- Tank ends for aerospace industries


Technical Characteristics

Competitive Advantages

- Economical machine investment

- Low tool costs

- Optimized manufacture in order to save material and energy

- Complex manufacture in one machine set-up

- Short setting and resetting times

- High degree of material and utilization

- Strength and hardness increase by way of homogenous

  and compressed structure

- Technically prepared for automation and feeding