Bearbeitungszentrum Räder-Maschine RH

The forming centre in horizontal spindle position has been designed for the manufacture of steel wheels starting from cylindrical preform.

The longitudinally welded and preformed cylindrical blanks are taken up by contour tools. With spinning and forming rollers mounted on a 4-position tool turret production is automatically achieved by necking-in.



- 3 axis CNC control

- cost efficient tooling

- complete production

- design for automation



Baureihe RH 800 RH
Technische Daten    
Werkstück Ø mm 800
Werkstück Länge mm 740
Wandstärke mm 5
Spindelmotor kW 50
Hub längs / quer mm 800 / 400
Kraft längs / quer kN 10 /85
Hydraulik kW 30
Maschinengewicht kg 15.000